Board of Directors Meeting

There will be a Board of Directors’ meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019.  Click here to get a copy of the agenda and materials.


Operating and Capital Budget (Draft)

Click here to get a copy of the Operating and Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2020.

Proposed Non-ADA Late Cancel/No Show Policy

Late cancels (including no shows) adversely effect on-time performance, inconvenience other riders, and added cost to the service. The goal of the Late Cancel/No Show Policy is to encourage responsible use of paratransit service. This policy would be consistent with Sacramento Regional Transit No Show/Late Cancel Policy.

The Cancel Line is open 24 hours. The minimum cancellation notice required for trips are not needed is two (2) hours in advance of the scheduled pick-up time. If your travel plans, change or you will not be ready to board your bus at your “ready time” please call 916-429-2009 option 2. Shorter notice without a compelling reason could result in service interruption.

Late Cancel/No-Show Violations

At times, there may be circumstances outside the control of the passenger, which result in late cancels, such as a sudden illness, personal emergency, a doctor running late, or canceling a medical appointment at the last minute. All passengers will have an opportunity to provide the reason for their inability to provide ample notice. Reasons such as “I changed my mind” or “I got another ride” would be considered within the client’s control and not excused. The examples above are not all inclusive. Each cancellation will be marked as either “excused” or “unexcused” along with the reason.


  • An Unexcused Late Cancels: Occurs when a passenger cancels a trip less than two (2) hours before the scheduled trip, and where circumstances did not prevent the customer from providing amply notice.
  • An Unexcused No Show: Occurs when the vehicle arrives at the pick-up location within the 30-minute window, waits the required five minutes and the customer does not board the vehicle, and where circumstances did not prevent the customer from providing ample notice of not needing the trip.
  • Rolling Year: A twelve-month period dating from the current month. For example, April 2018 to April 2019.

1st Violation Counseling/Warning Telephone Call with a Follow-up Letter
2nd Violation 1-day suspension
3rd Violation 5-day suspension
4th Violation 30-day suspension

Notification of Suspension

Passengers receiving a suspension of paratransit service will be issued a notice of suspension identifying each trip that was a late cancel or no-show. The notice will also advise the customers of the dates when the suspension begins and ends, as well as the date that the passenger can start to use paratransit service again.

To Appeal

Passengers must submit a letter documenting why they believe that the violations should be excused and any supporting documentation. These documents must be postmarked within 14 calendar days of the date on which the notice of suspension was issued.

No suspension will take effect if passengers have filed an appeal in accordance with the instructions and deadlines noted in this policy and Paratransit, Inc. has not determined the outcome of the appeal.

Paratransit, Inc. will advise passengers in writing of the decision concerning their appeal. If the decision upholds the suspension, the notice of decision will provide customers with the beginning and ending dates of the suspension period. The decision is final.

Schedule for Consideration:

Introduce Item at Board Meeting and Open 21 Day Comment Period: May 20, 2019
Close 21 Day Comment Period: June 10, 2019
Staff Review of Comments: June 2019
Consideration for Adoption by Board of Directors: June 17, 2019
Effective Date if Adopted: July 1, 2019

Comment Submittal:

To submit comments you can mail submit them online to: or mail them to 2501 Florin Road Sacramento, CA 95822. You can also our main number 916-429-2009 and select customer service.