Keeping You Connected With Paratransit's New Automated Telephone System


Automated Telephone System

The Automated Telephone System is designed to give you quick and convenient self-service access to the Paratransit, Inc., information and services you need most. It will provide selected general information, as well as allow you to Schedule new rides and Confirm and Cancel existing rides. It will call you with a reminder for trips you have scheduled for the next day. Because this system is connected directly to our dispatching system, the Automated Telephone System will notify you that a vehicle is on its way to your pick-up location – and it will even provide you with the most current estimated arrival time.

The Automated Telephone System uses advanced technology that engages you in a “conversation” to determine what you need and it responds accordingly. Simply use the numeric keypad on any touch tone telephone to book, cancel, or find out about your rides. You can transfer to a Call Center Agent at any point during your Automated Telephone System call by pressing 0 (zero).

Getting Enrolled

To access the Automated Telephone System you will need a Personal Identification Number (ID). Contact a Customer Service Agent at (916) 429-2009 option 4 to get your ID and complete the enrollment process.

It’s easy! You will be asked to provide phone numbers to be used by the Automated Telephone System so it can call you with ride times and arrival notifications, and a list of addresses to and from which you commonly travel. These addresses will be the only ones used by the Automated Telephone System when you use it to Schedule new rides. Our Customer Service Agents will be happy to update or add new addresses anytime upon your request.

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