Wheels to Work bannerDriving to End Homelessness

Wheels to Work is an innovative program dedicated to helping homeless and low income individuals in the Sacramento area.

We provide counselors and Internet enabled computer workstations which help people who don’t normally have access to the Internet find transportation and related services aimed at securing employment.

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Wheels to Work vans are staffed by employment specialists from several local organizations.

Services include:

  • Job Counseling
  • How to write a Resumé
  • Job Opportunities
  • Interview Preparation
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Training to ride RT


We’ve added a new area for media professionals who are interested in telling the Wheels to Work story. Please follow the link below for our latest Press Releases, Streaming Audio and links to a Photo Gallery of Wheels to Work in action.

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For more info, please call or visit the
Paratransit Mobility Management Center.

RideQuest: (916) 429-2009 x 7229

To learn more about Wheels to Work partners, click a logo below.

www.paratransit.org (916) 429-2009

The Paratransit Mobility Training and Job Search Shuttle Service for the Homeless is
a collaborative effort between Paratransit, Inc., the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance, Sacramento Housing Alliance, Sacramento Steps Forward, and Women’s Empowerment. Vehicles donated by Thunder Valley Casino.