Welcome, and thank you for stopping in to read my first blog/post/article of Where’s Wyatt! When I was first approached by Paratransit Inc. to start up this blog I was thrilled and excited to show off my hometown of Sacramento, California. If you’re not familiar with our area, we are located in the northern region of the Central Valley in California.

With nicknames like River City, Farm to Fork Capitol and City of Trees, Sacramento lives up to the name. Being located at the intersection of the Sacramento and American River, there’s a lot to do when it comes to cooling off, eating good food and enjoying the days.

The City of trees is not only a melting pot of beautiful cultures, delicious foods, diverse people and exciting events, but it’s also my home. Born and raised here, I’ve become familiar with what the town has to offer over these 23 years, or so I thought…

Tis the Season

With 2020’s Global Pandemic you would think California would catch a break. But from August to September, it’s usually the time that California experiences our smoky fire season. With hot and dry winds pushing smoke all across the state, Sacramento is not excluded in feeling the effects of such unhealthy air.

On April 24, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a first-in-the-nation “Great Plates Delivered” program, a meal delivery service for California’s older adults.

While Great Plates provides essential economic stimulus to local businesses struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, they are also helping seniors and other adults at high risk from COVID-19 to stay home and stay healthy by delivering nutritious meals.

Paratransit drivers and volunteers from places like the City of Sacramento and Hands on Sacramento, are working together despite the unhealthy air conditions to provide delivery for these Great Plates to seniors.

Selland’s Market Café on Hurley and Howe, is one of the many restaurants in Sacramento participating in this local program. Paratransit drivers, volunteers and myself got to deliver 52 Great Plates to seniors across Sacramento in our one bus alone this last Friday!

The contents of the plates can differ, depending on the local businesses they are derived from.

One thing I know for a fact is that each plate, regardless of its origin, is filled with a balanced and appetizing selection of foods. The plates can even be customized to recipients who are classified as having a gluten allergy, lactose intolerance, and low-sodium requirements.

When we are on the road and delivering these meals to our elderly population, Paratransit Inc. did remind me to be safe while on the road.

Whenever the buses are getting fueled/serviced, service assistants sanitize frequently touched services, including the steering wheel, dashboard, handrails, and seats.

When I am volunteering to work with Great Plates Paratransit always provides proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect myself, the drivers and volunteers.

Being able to ride with the Paratransit vehicles and deliver these meals makes me feel as though I’m contributing my time in a positive way!

Where To Next

Riding around Sacramento is something I actually really enjoy. you get to experience the community that normally you would just pass by If you were to be riding in your own personal vehicle.

Every so often, I end up not leaving myself enough time and missing connections. But once again, it’s an opportunity to hang out in your community and find your next place for lunch!

Using public transportation, highlighting the community, and documenting what I see along the way hopefully will not just be exciting for me, but also for you as a reader!

I will be making posts that focus on what I see and experience In Sacramento. Apart from what I see, I want to show you folks how I’m getting there and what’s along the way.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “It’s not the Destination, It’s the Journey.”

Until next time readers!